Jeff Gilbert | Owner-Operator of Hairball Media 1995 - present
Worked as a senior graphic designer for global companies as Live Nation Concerts/Live Nation Comedy, and doing contract WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment/Connecticut), Cirque du Soleil (Canada/France) and U.S. based live entertainment promoters Seattle Theatre Group (Seattle), Mack Avenue Records (Los Angeles) Label Logic (Los Angeles). Primarily working with music/comedy artists, I've also done projects for Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, which includes the NCAA basketball court design, social media branding and a specialty icon logo for merchandise branding.
Live Nation Concerts | 2001 - present | Designed and implemented print production advertising: building shrouds, bus/train wraps, print and digital billboards, digital screens at major sporting venues/outdoor concert venues, print advertising, social media, and specialty one-offs.
Live Nation Comedy | 2013 - present | Design touring admats, print and digital assets, building shrouds, mass transit advertising, posters, flyers, specialty promotions.
Seattle Theatre Group | 2010 - present | Designing admats, digital advertising media, billboards (stationary/mobile), print advertising, posters, flyers, marquees.  
WWE | 2018 - present | contractor/graphic design | Designed/re-purposed assets for U.S markets: print/digital for billboards, venue displays, posters, flyers, mass transit advertising, oversized venue specialty promotions. 
Mack Avenue Records | 2010 - 2017 | Contractor/graphic design/light video production, print advertising, social media, posters, flyers.
Cirque du Soleil | 2013 - 2016 | Created provided assets for building shrouds, mass transit advertising, posters, flyers, outdoor banners, digital advertising, specialty advertising (hotels, restaurants, major partners.
Label Logic | 2010 - present | Creating marketing decks, social media, merchandise branding for their growing roster of clients.
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Jeff Gilbert | Hairball Media | hairballmedia(at)

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