Jeff Gilbert | Owner-Operator of Hairball Media 1995 - present
Worked as a senior graphic designer for global companies as Live Nation Concerts/Live Nation Comedy, and doing contract WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment/Connecticut), Cirque du Soleil (Canada/France) and U.S. based live entertainment promoters Seattle Theatre Group (Seattle), Mack Avenue Records (Los Angeles) Label Logic (Los Angeles). Primarily working with music/comedy artists, I've also done projects for Big3 Basketball as well as local (Seattle) sports venues. 
Recently finished contract work for Climate Pledge Arena. Projects include the NCAA basketball court design, social media branding and a specialty icon logo for merchandise branding. (Examples not shown due to an NDA.)
Working on projects for Grammy winner singer/songwriter Nina Herzog and country legend Travis Tritt.
Live Nation Concerts | 2001 - 2020 | Designed and implemented print production advertising: building shrouds, bus/train wraps, print and digital billboards, digital screens at major sporting venues/outdoor concert venues, print advertising, social media, and specialty one-offs.
Live Nation Comedy | 2013 - present | Design touring admats, print and digital assets, building shrouds, mass transit advertising, posters, flyers, specialty promotions.
Seattle Theatre Group | 2010 - present | Designing admats, digital advertising media, billboards (stationary/mobile), print advertising, posters, flyers, marquees.  
WWE | 2018 - 2020 | contractor/graphic design | Designed/re-purposed assets for U.S markets: print/digital for billboards, venue displays, posters, flyers, mass transit advertising, oversized venue specialty promotions. 
Mack Avenue Records | 2010 - 2017 | Contractor/graphic design/light video production, print advertising, social media, posters, flyers.
Cirque du Soleil | 2013 - 2016 | Created provided assets for building shrouds, mass transit advertising, posters, flyers, outdoor banners, digital advertising, specialty advertising (hotels, restaurants, major partners.
Label Logic | 2010 - present | Creating marketing decks, social media, merchandise branding for their growing roster of clients.
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Jeff Gilbert | Hairball Media | hairballmedia(at)

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